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TETRA - "The Missing Manual"

This brand new tool was first presented to the TETRA community at the TETRA World Congress 2011 in Budapest. It opens new paths in product support and communications.

Organisations invest thousands of Euros in implementing TETRA systems. Quite often the end user is expected to know how to use the radio terminals either after a very short initial training or with no training at all. This very often causes errors and mistakes in using the communications system which can be – as a consequence – very expensive for the organisation.

“THE MISSING MANUAL”, developed by Arico Technologies in close collaboration with an experienced film production team, is the perfect solution: Simple, modestly animated little modular films teach the functions and important bits and pieces of the TETRA radio terminal to the end users. The videos are customized for the needs and requirements of each organisation and every user group. A likeable little manikin instructs in a pictorial language the ins and outs of the radio terminal. The radio terminals on film are detailed 3D models of the terminals used in the company. The reason for this kind of implementation is to create a simple and universally valid visual language. “THE MISSING MANUAL” is created to satisfy the needs of a wide range of people with different languages, technical and cultural backgrounds. What are the advantages of “THE MISSING MANUAL”?

It is independent of training course dates: Every staff member, including the new ones, can access it 24 hours a day via Internet or Intranet or on DVD, therefore saving money for regular training courses. It can be adapted easily when radio terminal models or communication procedures change. “THE MISSING MANUAL” always shows the way to operate the system as it is at the moment. The video manual is split into different modules explaining the various uses of the radio terminal and can be adapted and extended to specific customer needs. The sequence of the modules can be indi-vidually arranged for user groups so that each user accesses only relevant information for his role. The manual on video can be used complimentary to personal trainings, but also as a stand-alone training. The manual is personalized with company logos and corporate identity. There is virtually no limit in further personalizing the manual, for example with real life video scenes filmed on-site.

Download folder: THE MISSING MANUAL

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